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We can make your custom ring

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Decazi custom rings



Great quality on design, ring and finish. Fast shipping


My boyfriend loved the ring that arrived. It feels very smooth and durable as well.

However, I love Decazi and their prompt response to my requests. I would order from them again. Thank you!


This ring fit my expectations perfectly. the shipping was fast. I would buy again!


I love it fits perfect and looks just like the pictures. Decazi uses DHL express, which was better than my last experience with DHL and I was able to postpone the delivery till I got back from vacation.


Decazi watches ( coming soon )

We are working on a special selection of watches. 

Decazi Watches


this watch is awsome, it looks like an AP and the quality is very high. the watch has a nice weight and feels durable. Best of all the price!!

Maiko H

Really like the feel and look of this watch. great quality

Hendrick H

Cant wait till Decazi brings out  more watches. They told me they where working on Rolex based watches. The AP based watch is a real beauty. What i like from Decazi watches is that they used genuine parts.. i think its called OEM or something. 


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We have a fulltime bussines on Etsy with 3300+ sales within a year and 570+ 5-star reviews. 

For social proof this is the place to go. 

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