How Tough Are Tungsten Rings?

How Tough Are Tungsten Rings?

How Tough Are Tungsten Rings?

As one of the highest-selling fashion pieces for men in the U.S, there must be a good reason why people are getting fonder of tungsten now than ever. Tungsten carbide is becoming a household name in the world of fashion lovers.

There are so many reasons why tungsten is emerging as the leading name in this regards. One feature that is making tungsten rings sell like crazy is its hardness. This post will be focused at why many people are preferring tungsten because of its tough make.

Black damascus tungsten ring

Tungsten is Extremely Tough

The hardest known substance to man is known as diamond. Diamond is rated 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. Tungsten, on the other hand, rates 9 on that same scale, making it virtually the second hardest known substance on earth. Tungsten is extremely hard, which accounts for its long-lasting and scratch-resistant nature.

Tungsten rings don’t bend or give in to pressure. They remain the way they are like forever. You don’t have to be afraid of losing it in the course of an accident or anything of that nature. Gold and other precious metals do not have this ability, which is why they can cause their subject more injury if they are worn in the course of an accident.

A Long-lasting Finish

Most precious metals and gold look astonishingly beautiful and elegant when they are first bought. Unfortunately, that beauty will gradually begin to fade away as you use it with time. With your gold ring being subject to constant heat and regular contacts, its finishing is bound to become uninviting and unenticing.

In stark contrast, tungsten carbide finish is sure of lasting for like almost forever. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing a labour-intensive job or your job requires you to be exposed to a lot of heat. As long as you are wearing a tungsten ring, its finish will be untainted and consistent for a very long time to come.

deer antler tungsten ring

It is Cost-effective

While it is good to admire and wear all the gold and precious metals, there is one fact you cannot run away from – they are expensive. If you don’t have a fat budget, it will be difficult and stifling to patronize these items.

Fortunately, you can look amazingly beautiful in tungsten rings without wrecking your savings to purchase one. They are great and affordable, which is why they can be an absolute choice for everybody.


Asides the fact that tungsten rings are cost-effective, their durability and long-term finish sure qualifies them as an exquisite piece of fashion. For anyone who desires quality rings without wanting to pay too much, tungsten can be the way to go.