Can Tungsten Cause Allergies?

Can Tungsten Cause Allergies?

Can Tungsten Cause Allergies?

There has been a whole lot of debate about Tungsten being able to cause allergy or not. This is a sensitive subject because allergies caused by precious metals coming in contact with the skin can be a sorry sight. You don’t want that to happen to you. That is why you are reading this piece now.

There have been several conflicting views regarding what one should think about tungsten regarding allergies, and that has not helped issues either, because with such stance, it will be hard for people to know the whole truth. So can tungsten really result to allergies?

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Minute Amounts

There is a high tendency for skin allergies to happen when a precious metal has been alloyed with huge amounts of cobalt or nickel. Every tungsten ring has as binder cobalt or nickel BUT the amount is so small that it does not affect the human skin.

Tungsten doesn’t trigger any allergic reactions on your skin. If there is an allergic reactions 9/10 times its because of moist that has been trapped between the ring and finger. Decazi have sold tens of thousands rings so far so they know what they are talking about.

Other Myths

Besides speculating that tungsten rings are capable of triggering an allergic reaction, there are some other myths that seem to make the rounds. These myths include the idea of not being able to destroy a tungsten ring or even cause you great disappointments in the event of an emergency. All of these are just myths and speculations.

There is no such thing as being indestructible. Even the hardest metal on earth can be destroyed. It is true that tungsten is inarguably stronger than many precious metals, you can cut it with the right tools should you ever be faced with an emergency. Therefore you should not be deterred from using it because it not indestructible as many people speculate.

Medical emergencies

Many people don’t put this into consideration before deciding on the type of ring they should be buying. There have been cases of sensitive medical operations being stalled simply because a patient couldn’t get their ring off their fingers. This is a regular phenomenon with gold and some other precious metals.

Your ring will always slip into your fingers and out of it with great ease when it is made of tungsten. So if you ever have to go through a medical operation that requires you to remove your rings, you should be the happiest person because tungsten comes off with remarkable ease.

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Tungsten rings are most friendly with your skin and are incapable of causing allergies as many people presume. As it has been written above, tungsten only contains very little amounts of cobalt or nickel as the binder material, which is why it cannot trigger any allergic reactions.