Will Tungsten Rust?

Will Tungsten Rust?

Will Tungsten Rust?

You most likely have been told that tungsten does not rust, and you also may have heard it from others that tungsten can rust when it is exposed to too much moisture. All that you have about tungsten has left you in a more confused state than you were even before you heard anything about it.

Many pieces of jewellery made from precious metals are known to rust when they are exposed to a certain amount of moisture. So what is the fate of tungsten when considering its rust potentials?

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Tungsten Grades

Not all tungsten are the same. There is tungsten that will give in to rusting when they have been exposed to moisture for a long time, while there are others that are completely unreactive to moisture no matter how long they are exposed to it. That is because there are two different grades of tungsten. There is the jewellery grade and there’s the industrial grade. The industrial-grade tungsten are good and enticing but are liable to rust when exposed to a certain amount of moisture. Jewellery grade tungsten, on the other hand, is worth going after because they are designed and manufactured to withstand such conditions and can look the way you bought them even after a long time.

How To Tell the Difference

It is not good enough to know that there are two different grades of tungsten and that one of them is industrial grade while the other is jewellery grade. If there is a way you can identify both of them, then that will be putting you at an advantage.

Their binder is where the difference lies. One of them contains cobalt and the other contains nickel. The cheap industrial grade tungsten is manufactured with a cobalt binder, which allows it to tarnish or rust after a while. But the jewellery grade tungsten is made with nickel, an item that makes it never react with moisture, which means it will never rust.

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Maintaining Its Finish

It is not bad to have your ring look exactly the way it was the first day you bought it. This is a feature so many people admire and wished their rings were designed to function as such. Sadly, the reality is that most precious metals look deformed after a while.

But because high-quality tungsten does not rust and does not tarnish, its finish can be expected to last as long as possible. This is not some kind of myth. It’s just the way it is with tungsten. It’s going to maintain that long-time beauty for as long as you have it.


If you had seen someone who wore a tungsten ring before and that ring has some rust on it, then the chances are that that individual purchased industrial-grade tungsten. Jewellery high-quality tungsten does not rust and will never rust when you have it. Purchase your high-quality tungsten ring at Decazi